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WAX MELT  |  Light it Up (2.5 oz)

The relationship between Bryce and Danika is both complicated and beautiful (I won’t put any spoilers here), and I really wanted to encapsulate the light and love between the two of them along with their catchphrase of “Light it up!” I went with a good vessel and the wax melt has a ton of good mica so it really shines and moves as it melts. ✨


With our Crescent City series, we've aimed to be as book-accurate as possible and luckily author Sarah J. Maas has made it pretty easy for most characters and locations!  We have of course taken a little bit of creative liberty to amp up some of the scents a little (we can't help ourselves) and  we couldn't be happier with the results!



From CRESCENT CITY HOUSE OF EARTH & BLOOD. Artwork copyright © 2022 by MELISSA NAGATA, series by Sarah J. Maas, © 2015-2021. Created with permission of Writers House LLC acting as agent for the author.

WAX MELT | Light it Up (2.5 oz)


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    Scent: Bergamot + White Musk

    Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Currant, Green Apple, Peony, Violet, Wild Flowers, Lavendr, White Musk

    Scent Strength: Mild

    Category: Fresh, feminine


    100% natural soy & beeswax, fragrance oil, liquid dye

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