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Applications for our 6/2023 program closed on 12/31/2022, but stay tuned for when the next window will open for the period of 7/1-12/31/2023!

Information below  is based upon the current rep program.  Details are subject to change.

Q.  What does a rep/affiliate receive when they're accepted into the program?

        A personalized promo code and affiliate link to promote to their followers, a unique promo code to use on personal orders (this code CANNOT be shared either others), occasional free products (this isn't a guarantee!), and 10% commission on all orders made with their promo code and/or affiliate link.


Q.  How much can I earn in commissions on each order that is made with my promo code and/or affiliate link?

        10% of the pre-tax and pre-shipping order total.

Q.  How are my commissions paid out?

        Weekly either via PayPal or Check (depending on your preference as established in the portal) once we approve the payment invoices on our end.

Q.  Are there any posting requirements?

        Nope!  How much you want to post/advertise is all up to you.  Obviously the more work you put in, the higher the likelihood that you will push sales to our site and thus earn commissions.  However, your participation in this program does NOT guarantee that you'll earn commissions, so please keep this in mind!

Q.  Do reps get any kind of discounts on personal orders?

        Yes!  You'll receive a personal discount code that is generated once you are approved and complete the sign-up process.  Please do NOT share this code.  Abuse of this discount will result in a revocation of your status as a rep/affiliate.

Q.  How often will application windows open?

        Our first program will run from 1/1-6/302023 and we will open up another application window some time in June for the program we'll have from 7/1-12/31/2023.  As this is the first time we're running a rep program, we don't have a definitive time when application windows will open.  Stay tuned to our Instagram where we'll make future announcements!

Q.  Where do I access the portal to see my sales and commissions?
          *Please note that if you try and sign up to be a rep/affiliate without being approved, your account will be rejected in the system.

If you have any questions about the program that are not answered in this section or the information posted on our Instagram, please feel free to DM us on Instagram or shoot us an email!

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