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WAX MELT  |  I Support Reproductive Rights (2.5 oz)

As part of our campaign to support women's reproductive rights, we are introducing our line of wax melts and candles where all net profits will go to the Utah chapter of Planned Parenthood (we're located in Utah).


We went with a “Watermelon Sugar” scent inspired by the Harry Styles song of the same name. If y’all don’t know what that song is about, just Google it. 😂👅


Our donations will be made public on our Instagram as well as a summary will be posted on the "Special Edition" page of our website so you can see how much we have been able to contribute!

WAX MELT | I Support Reproductive Rights (2.5 oz)


    All sales are final - no returns or refunds.


    We typically ship between 1-3 business days following your order placement (unless there are any custom items - we'll contact you regarding the timeline for your custom item(s)).  Shipping times will vary given your place in the United States or globally.


    Scent: Watermelon Sugar

    Fragrance Notes: Watermelon, honeydew, mandarin, strawberry, lily of the valley, amber, violet

    Scent Strength: Strong

    Category: Fruity


    100% natural soy & beeswax, fragrance oil, liquid dye

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