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WAX MELT  |  Han Solo + The Princess (2.5 oz)

One of our favorite romances throughout Star Wars is of course the one between Han Solo and Princess Leia (that kiss aboard the Millennium Falcon in "The Empire Strikes"... hello!).


If you're a fan of rose scents, you'll love this one.  This really does smell like roses - not a cheap scent in so many products.  However, much like the relationship between Han and Leia, this scent is more complicated than just the scent of roses.  You'll get a hint of smokiness and depth that we feel exemplifies their relationship.


But beware on this one - it's pretty strong, so try using just one square, especially if you're in a small room! 

WAX MELT | Han Solo + The Princess (2.5 oz)

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    Scent: Damascena Rose + Oud

    Fragrance Notes: Rose, Pink Peony, Neroli, Geranium, Cedarwood, Oud, Vetiver, Agarwood

    Scent Strength: 100% of respondents in a survey of 22 people felt that scent was STRONG

    Category: Floral


    100% natural soy & beeswax, fragrance oil, liquid dye

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