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SAMPLE BOX  |  The OG Squad (Wax Melts)

We know buying scents online can be a nerve-wracking process since you can't exactly smell the fragances through the screen.  Enter our Sample Boxes!  These have been carefully curated into collections.  Have a suggestion for a collection you'd like to see?  Shoot us an email or DM on Instagram!


In the The OG Squad Sample Box, you'll receive a 0.4 oz sample of the following scents.  You can select the available linked products to view more information on the scents as well as all of the fragrance notes to see if there's anything in any of the items you know you hate or might be allergic to!


  • Chanel Boots Luke
  • The Stuck-Up, Scruffy-Looking, Half-Witted Nerf Herder
  • Princess, Senator, General, Jedi
  • The Falcon

SAMPLE BOX | The OG Squad (Wax Melts)

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