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CANDLE  |  The Farmboy (9 oz)

I’ve had numerous requests to make a fragrance for our favorite whiny Tatooine farmboy, Luke Skywalker. This beautiful ombré candle vessel just called to me and finally inspired me to make something for him (we’ve covered older Luke with our Chanel Boots Luke line).

The fragrance we picked is masculine, but softly so, almost more like a natural scent rather than a full-on cologne. It’s great for those that love a light wash of scent throughout a room.

CANDLE | The Farmboy (9 oz)


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    Scent: Ambrette Seeds + Patchouli

    Fragrance Notes: Cedar, Ambrette Seeds, Green Rosemary, Jasmine, Baby Orchid, Gala Apple, Dark Olibanum, Musk, Patchouli


    100% Soy Wax

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