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CANDLE  |  Rex (13 oz)

As we all know, Captain Rex can come across as aggressive, gruff, and serious.  However, he is also fearless, loyal, and does have a great sense of humor when the time calls for it!


With that in mind we went with a more masculine scent that has just a hint of leathery, smoky scent from the vetiver.  This is definitely a scent for someone who is no-fuss, just wants to get things done, but also wants to smell great every day!

CANDLE | Rex (13 oz)


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    Scent: White Suede + Grey Vetiver

    Fragrance Notes: Sage, Nutmeg, Orris Root, Pimento, Vetiver, Oak Moss, Amber, Suede, White Musk, Sandalwood, Olibanum

    Scent Strength: 60% of respondents in a survey of 22 people felt that scent was LIGHT

    Category: Fresh, cologne


    100% Soy Wax

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